About Shoreline. 

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Shoreline Counseling, LLC. opened in January of 2015 by Sarah von Colditz, LCSW in order to offer more options for individual counseling in Clatsop County. In January 2019 Shoreline Counseling, LLC became a group practice with the addition of Mark Muse, LCSW and Teresa Veverka, CSWA. In 2020 our team expanded and added Zoe Bartlett, LMFT. 2021 brought J.C. Stewart, LPC-Registered Associate, Carrie Rawson, LCSW,  Lindsey Nagel, CSWA and Katrina Liukko, LPC Registered Associate. 2022's additions are Alysia Khendek, LCSW and Sara Moller LPC Registered Intern. We are continuing to grow and are excited to announce 3 new therapists that joined in the summer of 2022. LeAnn Waggoner, LCSW, Kate Eisses, LPC Registered Associate and Alexis Smith, LPC Registered Associate. We are excited to be adding two new clinicians this fall 2022 Bryce Taylor, LMFT Registered Associate and Sharmy Rasheed, LCSW. 


Shoreline Counseling, LLC. does not discriminate. People of all race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, functional status, color, national origin or income status and views of the world are welcome. This office operates and always will be open minded and aware that your true self has a place in the world.

Shoreline Counseling, LLC's mission is to provide quality mental health care to all members of the community.