Clients ages 5+

Alison Aggen, MA, LCP

Clinical Director

Alison Aggen is a Licensed Professional Counselor who holds a graduate degree from Regis University of Colorado in Counseling. Alison has been in the clinical profession for 20 years, working in various settings. Alison began her career in private practice serving children, adults and families.  Alison has experience working in the foster care system providing individual and group counseling in group home settings.  She has spent the last 10 years working in inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment with teens and adults. Alison specializes in treating ADHD, depression, anxiety, social anxieties, bi-disorder, autism spectrum disorder and substance use disorders. She specializes in evidence based practices: CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Trauma work. 


Alison's philosophy regarding therapy is a process of exploring and healing from your life's experiences.  Alison believes that client's have the power to change their lives.  She is of the opinion that therapy assists clients in removing the barriers that prevent them from processing, addressing and obtaining their life goals and desires.  

Alison is accepting new clients as of September 12, 2022

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Sara Moller, MA, LPC Registered Associate


Sara has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and works with children, teens, families and individual adults.  She is passionate about working with clients living with physical disabilities, anxiety, depression, difficult transitions, relationship concerns and self-worth and identity concerns.  Sara is BIPOC and LGBTQI+ allied. 


Sara is person-centered and strengths-based and believes in empowering clients to create growth in their lives. Trauma-informed care is central to Sara’s work.  Aspects of solution focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family systems and motivational interviewing are used in her work. Collaborating with clients to determine what approach works best for them is Sara’s priority. 

Sara sees clients ages 8+

Sara is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna.

Sara accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 


Lindsey Nagel, MSW, CSWA

Lindsey’s educational background is based in Clinical Social Work and she has experience working with children, teens and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma and other mental health concerns. Lindsey has a passion for helping children and families navigate difficult times in their lives and heal from all varieties of generational trauma. She believes that you are the expert of your own mind, and utilizes a person-centered approach. Lindsey recognizes that change can be difficult and scary, because of this she prides herself on creating a strong therapeutic relationship to help you feel supported and understood. She also has a lot of experience in working with all ages of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Lindsey’s style of therapy is mindfulness focused and strengths based. Lindsey is also trained in and utilizes the following modalities based on what is best for the individual: Trauma Focused CBT, DBT, EFT, Attachment-based therapy.

Lindsey is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna.

Lindsey accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 

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Alexis Smith, LPC Registered Associate

Alexis understands the counseling process to be a journey. She views her role as coming alongside you in this journey, working together to set goals and facilitate change. She practices from a combination of person-centered and cognitive behavior therapy approach that focuses on our natural potential to self-actualize, identify, and challenge maladaptive thinking and behaviors that contribute to the problem. She focuses on building a therapeutic relationship through genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and empathy. This relationship will serve to create an environment in which one grows. The counseling sessions will likely be structured to aid in making incremental progress towards one’s goals.

Alexis holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands and a Master’s Degree in Education from Oregon State University. She am a Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Associate. Alexis has prior experience as a Child and Family Therapist at a Day Treatment program for youth 5-17 years who experienced emotional or behavioral difficulties impacting their ability to be successful in the school and home environments. 

Alexis is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna.

Alexis accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 


Teresa Veverka, MSW, CSWA


Teresa has been a social worker since 2008 and has extensive knowledge and background in helping children and families process through traumatic and stressful events. With a passion for helping children and their guardians, her main goal is to create a compassionate space to support others and teach coping skills when fitting. Teresa is in the process of becoming certified as a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

Teresa is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna.

Teresa accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 

Ages 14+
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Zoe Bartlett, MA, LMFT, CADC II

Zoe has an educational background in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as Addiction Counseling. She specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, adoption cases, addictions of any sort, and co-occurring disorders. Using a trauma-informed lens and an attachment-based approach, Zoe strives to meet the client where they are at, create an environment of safety and trust, and then build from there while helping the client reach their therapeutic goals. 

Zoe knows each person is different, however, and will follow your direction to make therapy work best for you. Though she is a firm believer that opportunities can come from crisis and change comes from discomfort, Zoe will never push you into an activity or topic that feels emotionally unsafe. Together, you and Zoe, will work to increase strengths, improve weaknesses, and create a better understanding of yourself and others. 

Zoe accepts clients age 15+, couples, and families (3 clients or less present.) 


Kate Eisses, MS, LPC Registered Associate

Kate Eisses holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from Portland State University where she specialized in adjustment to disability and chronic illness through a disability justice lens. She has holistic training in helping individuals with physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, and developmental disabilities achieve personal, mental health, and vocational goals. She also specializes in working with clients who have anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, bipolar, peripartum and postpartum depression and anxiety, life transitions and adjustments.  Kate strives to practice counseling from an anti-ableist, anti-racist, and anti-fat biased lens. As a cisgender able bodied white woman who grew up in middle class Alaska, she believes strongly in the importance of continued reflection of how her power and privilege intersect with individuals who have minoritized identities. 


Kate uses multiple therapy modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), motivational interviewing, strengths-based and existential approaches. Kate believes there is flexibility within each person to carry both the joys and pain experienced in life and that every individual holds the strength and intuition for inner healing and growth.

Kate is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna..

Kate accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 


J.C. Stewart, MA, LPC Registered Associate


J.C. has experience with people continuing to face the ramifications of trauma, and knows that the ways trauma shows up in one’s life can vary from person to person. He strives to create a therapy model that’s tailored to suit your needs and your pace. In addition to trauma and PTSD, his focuses include depression, anxiety, sexuality, gender, and relationship issues.

J.C. strives to see and work from a social justice-oriented lens, and believes that people deserve to have their identities and mental health normalized and validated as they intersect with other aspects of the human experience. 


Techniques and theoretical approaches include EMDR, cognitive processing therapy, brainspotting, internal family systems, mindfulness-based techniques and Gottman method couples therapy.

J.C. is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna.

J.C. accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 

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Bryce Taylor, MA, LMFT Registered Associate


Bryce holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. He works with couples, families, as well as individual adults and children. His approach is multi-modal which includes Psychodynamic, Attachment Theory, trauma-informed, and EMDR; and practices with a person-centered approach in line with Rogerian therapy.


Bryce spent many years working with individuals with disabilities, child welfare, and behavior analysis with children diagnosed with autism. He now works with individuals of all ages suffering from a variety of problems including anxiety and depression, and specializes in helping individuals overcome trauma and grief, including PTSD and complex bereavement.


He believes each individual has their own set of life circumstances and works with each individual's strengths to form new coping skills and personal growth and development.

Bryce is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna..

Bryce accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 

Clients ages 18+
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Alysia Khendek, MSW, LCSW

Aly has worked with individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mood disorders. She is particularly passionate about working with postpartum women who are experiencing depression or anxiety with a goal of supporting them during this vulnerable time. She has experience working with individuals and families who have experienced early pregnancy and infant loss and supporting them during the grieving process. Aly is also passionate about working with first responders and those who are working in law enforcement. 


Aly strives to help individuals live in a way that inspires deeper fulfillment and balance by harnessing their natural ability to cope with stress and emotional pain. Her therapeutic style incorporates a calm, strengths-based perspective while helping individuals navigate different areas of their life. An individual will gain confidence by identifying and replacing counterproductive coping strategies, by bringing awareness to their current experiences, and having the support to live more fully and more authentically.


Katrina Liukko, MA, LPC Registered Associate

Katrina believes that each individual holds the power to change and the potential to grow psychologically and emotionally. While she enjoys supporting people facing a wide variety of concerns, she is particularly passionate about working with clients who are navigating issues related to anxiety, depression, emotional expression, self-worth, identity exploration, and spiritual growth. She is equally enthusiastic around collaborating with individuals who identify as transgender. Katrina relishes in the opportunity to work with clients who identify as other than monoracial/monocultural to facilitate exploration and understanding of how issues related to race, ethnicity, and heritage have impacted their lives.

Katrina integrates elements of art therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), strengths-based therapy, and feminist therapy into her work. 

Katrina is an in network provider for CareOregon(Medicaid/OHP) Cigna, Providence and Aetna..

Katrina accepts private pay and has a sliding scale for all other clients.

Out of network benefits for commercial insurance will not apply. 


Mark Muse, MSW, LCSW

Director of Clinician Support

Mark has been a social worker since 2014 and has a passion for helping those in need. Mark brings with him extensive compassion, knowledge and experience in the area of trauma and PTSD, terminal illnesses, medical issues and substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders. Mark is a passionate about being a support to others and brings with him a mindfulness based approach to supporting his clients.

Mark utilizes Internal Family Systems, EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness Based Interventions while working with clients in this practice.

Mark is also an approved supervisor for CSWA's in the State of Oregon offering individual and group supervision.

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Carrie Rawson, MSW, LCSW

Carrie has experience working with adults who experience depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma or PTSD, and those struggling with communication or family issues. Carrie strives to provide therapeutic techniques that suit your goals and needs in treatment. She wants each person to feel heard and understood in order to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship as a foundation for personal growth. Carrie's goal is to create a safe space so people can process their experiences and gain skills to cope with these experiences in daily life. 


Carrie's therapeutic approaches include EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, solutions focused, attachment focused and mindfulness-based techniques.


*Sarah von Colditz, MSW, LCSW is the Owner and CEO

She is only accepting CBT-I for insomnia clients*

Sarah von Colditz, MSW, LCSW is the owner of Shoreline Counseling, LLC, has a passion for working with people and has been in the field of social work since 2005. Sarah carries a caseload of her own while also managing the administrative side of the group practice. Sarah has experience in working with people with chronic medical issues, terminal illnesses, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and caregiver stress and burnout. Sarah is a Level 1 and Level 2 trained practitioner in Internal Family Systems who is working towards her certification.

Sarah also has a certification in CBT-I for insomnia and is passionate about getting people's sleep back on track again.

Sarah can be reached via email at or her direct line - 503-789-6850.

Both are confidential forms of contact. 


LeAnn Waggoner, MSW, LCSW


Therapy can be uncomfortable at times and LeAnn is of the opinion that one’s decision to seek mental health support is a courageous one. As a therapist, LeAnn’s goal is to create a safe space for clients to explore the full range of their human experience. She believes that there is something special in holding space for the powerful, sometimes painful, life experiences and all that falls in-between.

LeAnn has a wide range of clinical experience serving adults ages 18-99yrs. This includes therapy with families, caregivers, and individuals experiencing a recent or ongoing medical dx, TBI’s, cognitive processing changes, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, loss and trauma.

LeAnn is committed to a therapeutic approach that is rooted in collaboration and trust-building while engaging with a deeper curiosity and understanding of the complex systems that interact with our emotions and sense of self. She integrates narrative therapy, cognitive- behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and mindfulness based therapy into her work .

Intake Coordinator and Billing Specialist

We have two amazing people helping keep our business running smoothly by managing phone calls, new client intakes and complex billing issues. Both Allen(left) and Dawn(right) are working behind the scenes of Shoreline Counseling to ensure that we are able to respond to you in a timely manner.

Allen Wright is our Intake Coordinator who specializes in finding the right fit for clients and helping to ensure our clinicians schedules are running smoothly. Dawn Hanslow is our Billing Specialist who works behind the scenes at Shoreline and is in charge of all of our billing and verification of benefits. If you receive a call or email from either them, know that they are a part of our team and are here to help us provide better care to our new and current clients. 

Allen can be reached at 971-350-6474 and

Dawn can be reached at 971-257-9053 and

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